Khersan III

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Khersan IIIKhersan IIIKhersan IIIKhersan IIIKhersan III

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Main Contractor
Owner: Iran Power and Water Development Company
Consultant Engineer: Aban Pajooh Consulting Engineers
Location: Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari Province
Project Cost: 44 million USD
Project Duration: 60 Months

Project Specification

Power house type: Surface
Power house dimensions: L= 75 m, W= 24 m, H= 48 m
Number of units: 4 vertical axes 100 MW
Francis units total: 400 MW
Water tunnel length: 568 & 527 m
Water tunnel diameter: 7.5 m
Final internal diameter: 6.3 m
Reservoir dimensions: L= 42 m, W= 27 m, H= 71 m

Project Goals

Improvement of land utilization and agriculture , prevent flood damages and energy production