Yazd Farab Cooling Tower

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Yazd Farab Cooling Tower

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Main Contractor
Client: MAPNA Group
Consultant Engineer: Ameran-Ofogh Consulting Engineers & Farab co. as the main consultant
Location: Iran-Yazd Province
Project Cost: 8.5 million USD
Project Duration: 14 Months

Project Volumes

Earth Works: 14,000 m3
Concrete Volume: 8,000 m3
Reinforcement: 3,000 tons
Formwork: 55,000 m2

Project Specification

Number of towers: 1 Unit
Height from foundation: 120 m
Maximum diameter: 80 m
Thickness: Vary from 18 cm to 125 cm

Project Goals

Cooling the working fluid