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We believe our commitment to excellence and precision that we exhibit on each project is the strategic principle of obtaining our client’s trust and satisfaction. Throughout our growth and diversification, we have stuck to the idea that our clients should confidently state: “When you leave it to Parhoon Tarh, you are in good hands. “ To achieve this purpose, we are fully aware that knowledgeable and proficient staffs are vital in order to share our beliefs. Thus, employing highly talented, creative, and efficient experts, and enjoying their full support to achieve our goals, has always been on our main agenda.

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Satisfaction about the Contractors Services for ANCA Project in Kabul

Mr.Maurizio cian
Head of cooperation


Thanks for the efforts and perseverance of the company in completing the Seymareh Hydroelectric power plant

Mr.parviz Fatah
Minister of Power


Appreciation of the services provided by the Parhoon Tarh in Shah WA Arous dam project

Mr.Nesaredin Beryali
Kabul City Council


Appreciating the endless effort in Forsat Railway Station

Mr.Asadolah Hajizamani
Shiraz City Railway Organization


Featured projects

Uma Oya Headrace Tunnel

Hydropower Plant Tunnel Uma Oya Sri Lanka The Uma Oya Multipurpose development project is a water transfer, hydropower and irrigation project in the south-Eastern part of the central highland region of srilanka. The main part of the scheme is situated in the south-western part of the Badulla district in the province of Oya. The project […]

Twin Towers Telecommunication of Company of Iran

Twin Towers Telecommunication of Company of Iran TCI company’s headquarters and subsidiaries is located in the North West Region of Tehran on the south side of Hemmat highway near by Sheikh Bahai Avenue . The project includes two 34 story towers and a multistory parking ,twin towers are exactly the same in structures and each […]

Shiraz Forsat Railway Station

Shiraz Forsat Railway Station Status of Project: Completed Project Highlights Role of Parhoon Tarh: Main Contractor Client: Shiraz Urban Railway Organization Consultant Engineer: Monenco Consulting Engineers Location: Iran-Fars Province Project Cost: 11 million USD Project Duration: 16 months   Featured Images Project Volumes Concrete Volume: 19,000 m3 Formwork: 18,000 m2 Reinforcement: 2,900 tons Steel Works: […]

Caspian Combined Cycles Power Plant

Caspian Combined Cycles Power Plant Mazandaran Combined Cycle Power Plant has been constructed in Noshahr city at Mazandaran province. Capacity of this power plant which supplies a part of the overall electricity network of the country, is 450 MV, being supplied by operating one gas unit. The main owner of the project, is Mahtab Caspian […]

Dam 1 & 2 Akhtar Site Flood Control System

Dam 1 & 2 Akhtar Site Flood Control System Considering the torrential rains and occurrence of flood in Pars area and for purpose of detention and controlling the process of flood by dam construction and water reservation behind the constructed dams and gradual discharging thereof, the executive operations of dam 1 & 2 of Akhtar […]

Shah Wa Arous Dam

Shah Wa Arous Dam The main constraint on developing sustainable large scale agriculture in Afghanistan is inadequate water resource, although total water availability is substantial annually. Therefore, development and regulation of the rivers & streams are necessary in order to facilitate water supply throughout the year, mitigate flood damages, generate hydro-power, domestic supply, etc. Shah-Wa-Arus […]