Sanandaj Combined Cycle

Sanandaj combined cycle power plant located in 5th km of Sanandaj to Saghez road, is one the 22 combined cycle power plants planned to be constructed all over the country. All civil works of this project with the objective of power generation of 960 MW was completed by Parhoon Tarh Company. This project leads to altering Sanandaj with consumption of about 402 MW power at the peak time to a productive city rather than a consumer one.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Main Contractor
Client: MAPNA Group
Consultant Engineer: Moshanir Co. as the Consulting Engineers & Ghods Niroo Co. as the supervisor
Location: Iran-Kurdistan Province
Project Cost: 20 million USD
Project Duration: 22 months


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Project Volumes

Concrete Volume: 15,000 m3
Formwork: 34,000 m2
Reinforcement: 1,500 tons
Steel Structures: 2,150 tons
Sandwich Panel: 10,000 m2

Project Specification

Capacity: 960 MW
Number of Units: 4 gas units & 2 steam units
Capacity of Each Unit: 160 MW
Gas Turbines: Tuga V94.2

Project Goals

  • Power generation for supporting other cities

Project Stakeholders