Astara Grain Terminal Construction

Construction and civil operations and installations of the Astara Grain Terminal in April 2019, from Astara Ghaleh Azari Company to Parhoon Tarh Company.

Astara Grain Terminal is being constructed with capacity of 30,000 tons at the primary phase and 30,000 tons in the second expansion phase, located at the Astara Customs Grand Complex with investments from I.R.I. Railways and private foreign investment (Russian-Azerbaijani firm).

Construction of all administrative, storage, station, loading and unloading, firefighting, respective concrete reservoir, trans and laboratory buildings, installation of 470 units of 25 meter candles, concrete foundation for silos, landscaping and greenery and among the executive operations of the project.

Current status of the project: Completed

Key information of the project:

Contractor: Collaboration between Parhoon Tarh- Tana Energy as chief contractor
Employer: Astara Ghaleh Azari Company
Consultant: Pasilo Consultant Engineers from Iran- INNOPRO Consultation from Azerbaijan
Location of the project: Mazandaran Province- City of Astara
Value of the contract: 3 million euros
Length of the contract: 31 months


Project images

Major volumes of the project:

Overall volume of concrete pouring: 20,000 cubic meters
Overall volume of soil works: 65,000 cubic meters
Armatures: 1,900
Concrete candles: 470 units with depth of 25 meters


Goals of the project:

  • Astara Grain Terminal was constructed based on the domestic need for increase of commerce and establishment of depots for imported grains at border regions.