Chamshir Dam

Chamshir dam which is located in the southwest of Iran, near the Zohreh river, is being constructed to provide 1.8 billion cubic meters water in order to irrigate about 110 hectares of downstream fertile agricultural lands. Flood controlling, power generation, and water protection of Zohreh River are other purposes of this project. Parhoon Tarh Company is responsible for construction of upstream and downstream coffer dam as well as lining of diversion tunnel in this project.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Main Contractor
Owner: Iran Power and Water Development Company
Client: Sabir Co.
Consultant Engineer: Tehran Sahab Consulting Engineers
Location: Iran-Kohgiluyeh & Buyerahmad Province
Project Cost: 15 million USD
Project Duration: 18 Months


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Project Volumes

Coffer Dams RCC Concrete: 95,000 m3
Diversion Tunnel Concrete: 45,000 m3
Reinforcement: 2,400 tons
Formwork: 53,000 m2

Project Specification

Type of Dam: RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete)
Height of Upstream Coffer Dam: 32 m
Height of Downstream Coffer Dam: 18 m
Length of Diversion Tunnel: 760 m
Diameter of Diversion Tunnel: 12 m

Project Goals

  • Diversion of the Zohreh river water route

Project Stakeholders