Construction operations of concrete cooling tower of Latakia Combined Cycle Power Plant

Construction of 540 MW combined cycle power plant of Latakia. Due to the increase in electricity demand in Syria, the need to re-implement the industrial, agricultural, service and tourism sectors were put in the agenda. Performing the remaining construction operations of concrete cooling power of Latakia combined cycle power plant in Al-Rastan, next to Dam 16 Tishreen was put in the agenda of this project to provide the conditions for absorbing heat produced by the electricity generation operations.

Status of Project: In Progress

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh Contractor of Construction Operations
ClientConstruction and development of MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plant (Tosse 2)
Location Syria- Latakia
Project Cost 6 million Euro
Project Duration 15 months


Project images

Project Volumes

Concrete work: 13,000  m3
Excavation: 13,000  m3
Traditional Formwork: 4.600  m2<
Framing X-LEG column’s formwork: 5.200  m2
Shell Climbing frame: 46,000  m2
Upper ring formwork: 400  m2
Reinforcement: 4,000 tons
Steel structures: 320 tons
Embankment: 7,500  m3
Number of X-LEG column: 32

Project Specification

Number of cooling towers: One unit
Height of the towers from foundation: 134m
Maximum diameter: 83m
Thickness: 18 to 125cm

Project Goals

  • The cooling system of combined cycle power plant