Jirandeh 50 MW Power Plant

Tavan-Nirooye-Arad is a Special Vehicle Company (SPC) for renewable energy power plants was bought by Parhoon Tarh which is a general contractor and investor in major industrial and infrastructural projects in Iran. ParhoonTarh main works are aimed in energy and water systems and is also exporting Engineering and Technical services abroad in several countries. Beginning 2014, the management board decided to enter new markets and therefore as a result of forming a business development section, related responsibilities were assigned to business development department. To start with a unique opportunity within the country in the field of renewable energy, Tavan Nirooye Arad as the SPC has achieved to obtain licenses for three wind farms development in the selected high windy locations with total capacity of 200 MW. According to Parhoon Tarh’s strategic objectives and based on an initial concept, we performed a thorough market research and a complete feasibility study was prepared in order to start investing in these projects. Currently, we plan for shortlisting the proper Generator Manufacturers and also looking for a qualified EPC contractor along with working on financing programs. Our primary focus is to implement the first phase of 50 MW in Jirandeh region70 Km inland south of the Caspian Sea coastline.

Status of Project: seeking financial partners

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Developer and Principal Owner
Client:Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA)
Location: Gilan Province (NW)
Project Cost (including non-EPC): 45.0 m€
Land possession: 15 years of rental permit
Project Duration: 24 Months –after financial close


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Project Specification

Establishment License:YES
DOE permit: acquired
Grid Connection: 63 kV (line inside the area)
Mean Wind Speed:6.9 m/s at HH:80m
Wind Class: IEC IIA
Electrical Power Purchase: Guaranteed by Ministry of Energy

Project Plan

Type of Technology: Double Fed Induction Generator(DFIG)- 2.625 MW
Plant Capacity Factor:36.4 %
Number of Units: 19 WTG

Project Goals

  • Develop clean and renewable energies by setting the suitable infrastructure in the country

Project Stakeholders