South Pars 13th Phase Underground & Piping Works

This project is defined as Utility Units of 13th phase of the “Southern Pars development plan”. Parhoon Tarh is responsible for execution of all civil works and installation of underground piping system. This project in addition to construction of industrial buildings, camps and warehouses of 13th phase has presented this company as an influential firm in Southern Pars.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Main Contractor
Client: Neyrperse Co. (Mapna Group)
Consultant Engineer: Neyrperse Co. (Mapna Group)
Location: Iran-Bushehr Province
Project Cost: 13 million USD
Project Duration: 10 months


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Project Volumes

Excavation: 31,000 m3
Concrete Volume: 14,500 m3
Formwork: 14,000 m2
Reinforcement: 1,470 tons
Piping: 21,000 m

Project Specification

Number of Units: 16

Project Goals

  • Developing of 13th phase of South Pars plan
  • Extension of underground civil works of utility units

Project Stakeholders