Construction of Combined Cycle Power Plant of Mobarakeh Esfahan Steel Plant

To follow the policies set by the Minister of Energy and TAVANIR Company which aim at establishing private power plant projects in Iran to generate electricity for meeting the demands, the plan for building gas power plant in south Esfahan was launched. The average annual capacity of South Esfahan Power Plant is 5 million and 700 thousand MW/hour. The site of this project is in Esfahan Province, km 75 southwest road.

Status of Project: In Progress

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Contractor of Construction Operations
Client: Construction and development of MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plant (Tosse 3)
Location: Esfahan- Mobarakeh Steel Complex
Project Cost: 3,430 billion IRR
Contract duration: 14 months


Project images

Project Volumes

Concrete work: 35,000  m3 Excavation: 135,000  m3 Frormwork: 31,500  m2 Reinforcement: 3,100 tons Steel structures: 170 tons Embankment: 16,500  m3

Project Specification

Type of power plant: Combined Cycle
Power Plant Capacity: 914 MW
Number of units: Two gas units 307 MW and one steam unit, 300 MW

Project Goals

  • Improving power generation and helping environmental conditions