Rudeshur Simple Cycle

Constructing 1st phase of Rudshur power plant located at 44th Km of Tehran-Saveh free road, with a capacity of 792 MW, inaugurated in summer 2004 and operated in winter 2006. The most important technical specifications of these Power Plant units are high power generation amounting to 264 MW for each unit, availability rate over 92%, and efficiency rate around 39%. Besides, observing environmental standards with the aim of the green industry differentiate these units from the other similar ones. Parhoon Tarh Company was responsible for managing the project based on a MC contract.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Managing Contractor (MC)
Client: Arian Mahtab Gostar Co.
Consultant Engineer: Electrowatt Consulting Engineers as Designer & Wala Energy Co. as supervisor
Location: Iran-Markazi Province
The original contract amount: 208 million euros
Contract cost Parhoon Tarh: 10 billion rials
Project Duration: 30 months


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Project Volumes

Capacity of 1st Phase: 789 MW
Capacity of all Phases: 2100 MW
Type of GTG Units: Siemens V 94.3.2a
Number of Units: 3 × 262.9 MW (1st Phase)

Project Goals

  • Considering annual growth of the national demand as well as the I.R.I policies to activate the private sector in supplying electricity
  • Rudeshur SCPP with a final capacity of 2,100 MW by 8 units completed by the private sector in an aim to make up the part of the national grid demand

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