Construction Operations for Rehabilitating the Cooling System of Unit 5 Eslamabad Power Plant of Esfahan

Isfahan’s IslamAbad power plant is located in a very favorable geographical location. It is located on the edge of ZayandehRood River and near the Qaemiyeh hills. This power plant is located in the southwest of Isfahan and at the beginning of Zob Ahan highway, with an area of approximately 74 hectares. Currently, Isfahan power plant is connected to the country’s national electricity grid with five steam units with a nominal power of 835 MW, including two 37.5 MW, one 120 MW and two 320 MW steam units. The Rehabilitating the cooling system of this power plant with a hybrid cooling system is constructed In Iran for the first time to absorb the heat of the work process, which is the one of the goals of this project.

Status of Project: In Progress

Project Highlights:

Role of Parhoon Tarh Contractor of Construction Operations and Site Building
Client:Construction and development of MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plant (Tosse 1)
Location:Esfahan- Eslamabad
Project Cost: 1,390 billion IRR
Contract duration: 24 months


Project images:

Project Volumes:

Concrete work: 9,000 M3
Excavation: 50,000 M3
Rock clearing: 150,000 M3
Formwork: 25,000 M2
Reinforcement: 810 T
Steel structures: 220 T
Embankment: 41,000 M3

Project Specification:

The hybrid cooling tower is a simultaneous combination of a dry cooling tower and a wet cooling tower in one single system in which, the upper part is the dry part and the lower part contains the wet part. Using this cooling tower reduces evaporation, thus leading in the reducing of both water and electricity consumption. These towers are high and contain precise and exact piping system.  

Project Goals:

  • To build the first hybrid cooling in Iran in Eslamabad Power Plant of Esfahan to absorb the heat in the work process