Construction and installation operations of the new Khoramdasht detergent factory

Construction and civil operations and electrical and mechanical installations of the northern and middle sectors of the construction project of the new detergent factory in Khoramdasht Industrial City- Takestan- Qazvin in May 2020, assigned to Parhoon Tarh Company by Pakan Beh Shoo Company via tender.

Current status of the project: Under construction

Key information of the project:

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Main contractor
Employer: Pakan Beh Shoo Company
Consultant: Zharf Andishan Consultant Engineers Company
Location: Khoramdasht Industrial City- Qazvin
Value of the project: 1260 billion Rials
Length of the projects: 11 months


Project images

Volumes of the projects:

Concrete pouring: 16,000 cubic meters
Armature: 1000 tons
Concrete molds: 12,000 square meters
Steel deck: 88 tons
Ceramic tiles: 22,000 square meters
Sandwich panels: 48,000 square meters

Technical descriptions of the project:

Production and liquid packaging building: 22,000 square meters
Gel pod production and packaging building: 830 square meters
Industrial liquids production and packaging building: 600 square meters
Toothpaste production and packaging building: 2400 square meters
Sulfonation building: 4700 square meters
Product warehouse: 16000 square meters
Passage and power posts: 450 square meters
Engine room: 1100 square meters


Goals of the project:

  • Construction of a detergent factory with annual capacity of 420,000 tons, including laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, toothpaste, glass cleaner etc.