Qeshm Combined Cycles Power Plant

Qeshm Combine Cycle Power Plant Project is located in Qeshm Island, Hormozgan Province. The working scope include construction of a combined cycle block consisting of 2 gas units each with the capacity of 170 megawatts and a steam turbine with the capacity of 160 megawatts in ISO conditions (totally 500 megawatts).

Status of Project: In Progress

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Contractor
Client: Mapna Group
Location: Hormozgan Province
Project Cost: 450,000,000,000
Project Duration: 15 Months


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Project Volumes

Concrete Work: 27680 m3
Excavation: 103480 m3
Formwork: 31851 m2
Reinforcement: 2434355 Kg
Steel Structures: 1087180 Kg

Project Specification

Type of Power Plant: Combined cycle
Power Plant Capacity: 500 MV
Number of Units: 2 gas units, 1 steam unit

Project Goals

  • Power Generation & Improvement of Environmental Conditions

Project Stakeholders