Khersan III

Khersan 3 dam and power plant over khersan river is located nearby Zagros Mountains, Atashgah and Talayeh villages which is 50 Km away from Lordegan city. Investment and execution of this national project is granted to the consortium of Tana Energy, Jihad Water Resources Development, Parhoon Tarh and CAMCE / SUMEC of China from Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company. The project includes two water transfer tunnels and 4 penstocks wich transfer water from the reservoir to 4 units of 100 MW turbines of power plant. According to the contract, Parhoon Tarh executes all operations related to the reservoir structures, water transfer tunnels and 400 MW power plant.

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Main Contractor
Owner: Iran Power and Water Development Company
Consultant Engineer: Aban Pajooh Consulting Engineers
Location: Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari Province
Project Cost: 270 million Chinese yuan
Project Duration: 60 Months

Project Status:Running

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Project Specification

Type of Power House: Surface
Power House Dimensions: L= 75 m, W= 24 m, H= 48 m
Number of Units: 4 vertical axes 100 MW
Francis Units Total: 400 MW
Water Tunnel Length: 568 & 527 m
Water Tunnel Diameter: 7.5 m
Final Internal Diameter: 6.3 m
Reservoir Dimensions: L= 42 m, W= 27 m, H= 71 m

Project Goals

  • Improvement of land utilization and agriculture, prevent flood damages and energy production

Project Stakeholders