Isfahan 230 KV Cable Tunnel

Description of ProjectThe contract of this project consists of designing and construction of 230 KV cable tunnel located between Isfahan university and Taleghani post with total length of 4,600 m. Designing and construction of this project includes tunnel construction with ventilation shaft of inauguration time, procurement, delivery, erection and operation of the electrical and mechanical equipment’s of inauguration time that will be done by contractor. It was concluded to implement a TBM due to high speed and great performance of this machine, critical location of the project in addition to traffic congestion problems. Parhoon Tarh Co. is responsible for all related works in a framework of an EPC contract, which was awarded to Tablieh-Parhoon Tarh J.V.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: EPC Contractor as member of Tablieh-Parhoon Tarh J.V.
Client: Isfahan Regional Power Company
Consultant Engineer: Farbar Consulting Engineers
Location: Iran-Isfahan Province
Project Cost: 27 Million Euro
Project Duration: 30 months


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Project Volumes

Concrete Volume: 11,000 m3
Reinforcement & Steel Works: 1,200 tons
Formwork: 43,000 m2
Excavation: 40,000 m3

Project Specification

Length of Tunnel: 4.6 km
Tunnel outer Diameter: 3.00 m
Tunnel inner Diameter: 2.44 m

Project Goals

  • Power transmission network of Isfahan
  • Carrying 230 KV cables from the first Islam Abad power plant

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