Seymareh Hydroelectric Plant

Seymareh dam & hydropower plant project is located on the Seymareh River in western Iran, 37 km from the city of Darreh Shahr in Ilam province. The surface power house, with an annual energy production of 595 GWhr, was awarded by the Iran Water and Power Development Company to the consortium of Farab-Tablieh-Parhoon Tarh as the EPC contractor of civil parts. The design works were carried out by the Swiss Firm Poyry as a subcontractor of Tablieh-Parhoon Tarh J.V.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: EPC Contractor as member of Tablieh-Parhoon Tarh J.V.
Client: Iran Power and Water Development Company
Consultant Engineer: Mahab Ghods Consulting Engineers
Location: Iran-Ilam Province
Project Cost: 42 million USD
Project Duration: 103 months


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Project Volumes

Open Air Excavation: 60,000 m3
Concrete Volume: 70,000 m3
Reinforcement: 3,500 tons
Formwork: 48,000 m2

Project Specification

Type of Power House: Surface
Power House Dimensions: L= 97.70 m, W= 51.65 m, H= 57.15 m
Number of Units: 3 vertical axes 160 MW Francis units

Project Goals

  • Production of 850 G WHr hydroelectric energy annually
  • Control of seymareh river flood
  • Regulating water flow to Karkheh dam
  • Supply of regional downstream water requirements

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