Persian Gulf Airport

The geographic location of the Persian Gulf Airport Project is located 16 kilometers south-east of Bushehr Province. This airport is one of the most equipped passenger stations. Other statistics on the airport are the fact that 60 to 80 planes and helicopters, also known as Sorti, are known as airport highlights.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Contractor
Client: Navrood company
Consultant: Emen rah company
Location: Iran-Bushehr Province
Project Duration: 30 Months


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Project Specification

Band: 31-13
Airport Security Fence: 700 Hectare
Band Width: 45 meters and shoulder path 5 and 7 meters.over run 120 meters in the Respectively East and West side.
Band Lenght: 4000 meters Sit up and take off the air plane B747.
Taxi Way: Parallel 4200 meters long and 4 vertical taxi way with a length of 212 meters and a width of 30 meters plus a shoulder 5 and 7 meters.
Apron: Dimensions 150 × 400 m plus 5 and 7 m shoulders with the position of 7 stations for flat planes.
Helipad: 4 station locations for the chopper.
Asphalt: Pouring asphalt in the runway
Lighting: CatII lighting the band and taxi ways.Navigational devices ILS AND DVOR.

Project Goals

The construction of the airport for faster and easier transfer of domestic and foreign specialists

Project Stakeholders