Dam 1 & 2 Akhtar Site Flood Control System

Considering the torrential rains and occurrence of flood in Pars area and for purpose of detention and controlling the process of flood by dam construction and water reservation behind the constructed dams and gradual discharging thereof, the executive operations of dam 1 & 2 of Akhtar Site flood control system is under construction at Kangan city, Bushehr province. This project consists of the detention gravel dam with concrete coating and execution of all hydraulic details, miscellaneous works, mobilization and demobilization of the workshop according to the map & technical specifications Almaar project is 34 kilometers far Maimana city, Faryab province, Afghanistan. The project includes a 68-meter-high concrete gravity dam and irrigation network in an area of 4000 hectares.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Main contractor, member of Tablieh-Parhoon Tarh joint venture
Owner: Pars Oil & Gas Company
Location: Bushehr Province
Project Cost: 730 billion rials
Project Duration: 24 Months


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Project Volumes

Excavation & Rock Removal: 204,600 m3
Embankment (main frame execution): 897,600 m3

Project Specification

Type of Dam: Gravel (rock fill) with Concrete Coating (CFRD)
Length of the Dam Crown D1: 231 m
Length of the Dam Crown D2: 172.4 m
Dam Height D1: 22 m
Dam Height D2: 50 m

Project Goals

  • Protection of the downstream facilities of South Pars Phases 13, 22, & 24, against the destructive floods

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