Underground Excavation Uma Oya Sri Lanka

The Uma Oya Multipurpose development project is a water transfer, hydropower and irrigation project in the south-Eastern part of the central highland region of srilanka. The main part of the scheme is situated in the south-western part of the Badulla district in the province of Oya. The project will transfer annual long-term average water quantity of 145 mcm for irrigation purpose and will develop a head of a more than 700 m for the production of electricity in a power plant with rated capacity of about 120 mv. The Project Consists Of Two Rcc Dams. The Frist One is To Be Built on Uma Oya River at Puhulpola Region. The Water from Uma OyaRiverbe linked through an approximately 3.7 km long link tunnel (further called conveyance tunnel) into the reservoir of the dyraaba dam built on mahatotillaoya river. from where an approximately 15.2km long headrace tunnel and 595m high vertical shaft will convey water to the underground powerhouse. The discharge from the powerhouse will be directed into alikotaoya River Through an approximately 3.6 km long tailrace tunnel, Which Is a tributary of kirindiOya River.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Contractor
Client: Farab Company
Consultant Engineer: Mahab Ghodds Consultant
Location: Sri Lanka
Project Cost: 6 million USD
Project Duration: 10 months


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Project Volumes

Concrete Volume: 2,000 m3
Reinforcement & Steel Works: 40 tons
Formwork: 500 m2
Excavation: 24,500 m3

Project Specification

Length of Tunnel: 750 m
VCA Tunnel Diameter: 2,55 m
LHT Tunnel Diameter: 2,15 m
LC Tunnel Diameter: 2,15 m

Project Goals

  • Construction of some spaces for installations and fittings in order to transfer water from Headrace Tunnel to Powerplant

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