Steam Part of “Kashan” Combined Cycle Power Plant

“Kashan” Combined Cycle Power Plant, has been constructed in Kashan city, Esfahan province. Capacity of this power plant, being the supplier of a part of the overall network electricity of the country, is 324 MV, being supplied by operating two gas stations .The main owner of the project, is the Power Development Organization of Iran. Based on the approved strategy, Kashan Power Plant Project, has been implemented in form of 17 contracts in the engineering, equipment supply and execution sectors. Also the post capacity of Kashan Power Plant, is 230 Kilo volts, and the engineering, supply and construction thereof, is within the working scope of the project owner. The executive operations of Kashan Power Plant construction started on 23 Jan., 2008 and the first unit of the said power plant, entered the circuit on 27 June, 2009 (Synchron). The last unit of this power plant was provisionally delivered to the owner on 31 Jan., 2010. In the Kashan Gas Power Plant Construction Project, the record of minimum interval between the start of excavation of the hall turbine and the Synchron of the 1st unit, has been registered as a period of 14 months.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Contractor of all construction operations
Client: Mapna Group
Consultant Engineer: Ghods Niroo Consulting Engineers Company
Location: Esfahan Province
Project Cost: 530 billion Rials
Project Duration: 24 Months


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Project Volumes

Concrete Work: 24456  m3
Excavation: 202006  m3
Formwork: 41781  m2
Reineforcement: 2243 T
Steel Structures: 191 T

Project Specification

Type of Power Plant: Combined cycle
Power Plant Capacity: 324 MV
Number of Units: 2 gas units, each 162 units

Project Goals

  • Power Generation & Improvement of Environmental Conditions

Project Stakeholders