Caspian Combined Cycles Power Plant

Mazandaran Combined Cycle Power Plant has been constructed in Noshahr city at Mazandaran province. Capacity of this power plant which supplies a part of the overall electricity network of the country, is 450 MV, being supplied by operating one gas unit. The main owner of the project, is Mahtab Caspian Power Generation Company. All construction & installation operations related to Noshahr Power Plant, are carried out in form of 3 contracts: (1) construction & civil works of the project (2) installation of crane, metal structure and sandwich panel (3) purchase of goods & equipments. By construction of combined cycle units, while improving the environmental conditions, increase of the power plant’s efficiency also became possible. The main tasks of the execution part included all soil operations of the power plant site, all building works of the tankers, buildings and warehouses related to the main power plant buildings, performing all interring works, etc. Also the main works of the design & execution (including design, procurement, supply & execution) included all landscaping operations, filtration house, sewage system, office buildings as well as all mechanical & electrical operations related to air-conditioning system, fire extinguishing, procurement & installation of the cranes used in the site.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Contractor for complete execution of executive activities
Client: Energy Gostaran Motahed Co.
Consultant Engineer: Raz Ahang Co.
Location: Mazandaran Province
Project Cost(along with purchase & installation of cranes): 1,394 billion rials
Project Duration: 30 Months


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Project Volumes

Concrete Work: 22507  m3
Excavation: 161,148  m3
Formwork: 45,104  m2
Reinforcement: 2,815 T
Sandwich Panel: 19,634  m2
Steel Structures: 2,464 T

Project Specification

Type of Power Plant: Combined cycle
Power Plant Capacity: 450 MV
Number of Units: 1 Gas Unit

Project Goals

  • Power Generation & Improvement of Environmental Conditions

Project Stakeholders