Qeshm Combined Cycles Power Plant

Construction operations of Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant

Qeshm combined cycle power plant is built on 73 hectares of land in kilometer 18 Laft to Qeshm Road. The scope of the work included building a combined cycle block consisting of 2 gas units in 170 MW capacity, power plant substation in GIS type in 230 KW voltage level, and steam turbine in 160 MW capacity in the ISO (final 500 MW) conditions. The construction operations of the water intake of this power plant in 100 thousand cubic meter water intake capacity, the infrastructure, and pavement of the access roads in the gasfield are among the work objects of this project as well.

Status of Project: In Progress

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Contractor of Construction Operations and Site Building
Client: Construction and development of MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plant (Tosse 3)
Location: Hormozgan Province- Qeshm Island
Project Cost: 3,560 billion IRR
Project Duration: 20 months


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Project Volumes

Concrete work: 71,000  m3
Excavation: 217,000  m3
Formwork: 105,000  m2
Reinforcement (armature): 6,200 T
Steel structures: 2,400 T
Embankment: 150,000  m3
Asphalt: 18,000  m2

Project Specification

Type of power plant: Combined cycle
Power plant capacity: 500 MW
Number of units: 2 gas units, one steam unit and water intake structure

Project Goals

  • Electricity generation and improving the environmental conditions

Isfahans Refinery

Utility and offsite units of isfahans refinery industrial buildings

Isfahan refinery has developed and upgraded the refinery in order to reduce the con­ sumption of refineries, increase gasoline and improve its quality to acceptable levels. The refinery promotion plan should look at the energy and environmental protection (environmental plan) and the reduction of production costs. We are constructing civil and piping parts of utility and offsite units in the project.

Status of Project: Completed

Project Highlights

Role of Parhoon Tarh: Contractor
Client: Oil Design & Construction Co. (ODCC)
Location: Iran-Isfahan Province
Project Cost(along with purchase & installation of cranes): 9.5 million USD
Project Duration: 7 Months


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Project Volumes

Concrete Work: 30000 m3
Excavation: 180000 m3
Formwork: 30000 m2
Reinforcement: 3000000 Kg
GRV/GRE/GRP Piping Volume: 53,000 Dia-lnch

Project Specification

Civil and piping parts

of utility and offsite units

Project Goals

  • Reduce the consumption of refineries.
  • Increase gasoline and improve its quality to acceptable levels.

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